Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010 - Denver street style

A couple days ago I visited the Mile-High City - Denver, CO.  As a continued effort to visualize street-style in its rawest form, I was anxious to see Denver's taste.  Opportunities like this are character forming, participating in the sights and sounds of a thriving city invite me out of my comfort zone.  A diversion from the norm is refreshing - I enjoyed my visit, and met some amazing people on my road to discovery.

I met Jeanne off of Broadway & 4th inside Eron Johnson Antiques - One of Colorado's largest antique dealers, and with special recognition to doors, stained glass, columns, and architectural salvage.  Her street style is vintage and comfortable.  A delight in person, and a creative addition to Denver's restoration in vintage and furniture renewal.

I found Shandon off of Broadway just north or Eron Johnson Antiques - her style is also inspired by comfort and seasonal warmth.  Thrift stores suit her fancy!  A bit taken back by my endeavor, but a lovely lady in conversation.

I met Terri and Nicole inside American Apparel - a must see location, as we use these products in JNava design.  Their quality in fabric and American made threads support our theme to our customers.  Terri's vintage eye wear is classic! Paired very well with a functional top.  Nicole fashioned a comfortable tank with rusty red britches.

I came across Erik - near the corner of Speer & Market Street... he was anxiously waiting a customer to transport.  His style is inspired by form more than function.  Rolled up denim with a pair of classic Vans sets the tone for his street-style.  If anyone ever needed a gentle soul to wheel them around, it was Erik!
I enjoyed my visit tremendously!  It was so much fun to get out and meet Denver's workforce.  As the seasons continue to change, my tours to downtown life will be more frequent.  FYI: If you happen to frequent the Mile-High City... a word of caution - parking can be a nightmare.  Pay your tolls properly, and remember to park appropriately.  I made the mistake of taking up two spots and was penalized by the Denver police... not to mention a ticket for tinted windows! Oh well, the experience was worth it.

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