Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010 - Manners make the Man

 I have made it a personal goal to continually take inventory of my life.  Reevaluating my progression, and constantly improving on my defects.  My article today was inspired by the lovely Nicole Lapin (CNN correspondent), her experience and history in media solidifies the importance of manners and respect.  I have found her response enlightening, and detrimental to any audience - specifically to any work environment, a date, or speaking to millions on the air!  By developing a character of compassion and empathy, we are choosing to look outside ourselves and fashion an image of class and integrity.

This quality is taught at a very young age, and remains a life long journey in human interaction.  Cultivating a gracious heart takes work... believe me gents, intelligence is attractive.  While reading a cluster of books sharpens the mind, life experience is even more important - the world though a bit intimidating, creates opportunities for growth.  Traveling, talking to people adds a special stamp to understanding the world and how to treat people.
Now to the core of this article - manners are one thing, but even more important is how we apply this definition to relationships with women.  The individuals who strengthen and enrich our lives everyday.  Their presence and love can bring out the best in any man... are we nurturing these hidden treasures? I ask you honestly.  A woman wants to feel comfortable, safe, and taken care of.  There is no arguing this.  Everyday should find focus on improving her life, be genuine and listen openly, be a man of prestige and value.
"Define yourself by how you make others feel and you'll always come off looking like a gentlemen"~Nicole Lapin

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