Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010 - Street style, Helsinki-Finland

Sure, runway fashion is exhilarating – but the trends of today are creatively inspired by street fashion around the world! I have taken a keen interest in global appearance, more specifically, what motivates personal style.  Cosmopolitan landscapes form an urban parkway of expression and attitude.  Today I dive into Finland’s capitol, Helsinki – a city influenced by the east and west, fresh air, and unhurried lifestyle.  Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen from share their hobby in fashion photography and a passion established since 2005.  My selections today epitomize Finnish variety and clever street style.
A simple scheme in romance and nostalgic accents… still lady-like and mysterious – love this pic.

Clearly inspired by 50s fashion, every inch of Milli’s likeness represents a lady and “smartness.”
Olli’s excuse for a classic look fashions American style and the “king of cool”, Steve Mcqueen notoriety.  Ties, jackets, Levi’s 501s with a pair of Allen-Edmond shoes are a win-win!
Thrift store pickings provide old-fashioned style at bargain prices – wearers in Helsinki take great pride in wearing parent’s older garments… hence the paisley scarf.
I love the symbolism in the color black –black energy makes bold statements in style and mystery.  Black clothing can say “Notice me but do not intrude.”
Opposites attract right? The union of black and white pairs an ideal of boldness and purity.  Fake furs have been around since the 1950s, and have become increasingly popular – animal rights lovers will adore you ;)
A hefty frame in glass wear mixed with cardigan comfort and you are in! Nerdy fashion is all about charm and accessories.
Gentlemen’s style can be a bit mundane, Geir’s interpretation taps into subtle details – turquoise socks and rolled up denim.
The power of appearance speaks volumes… a briefcase means business.  Tangling the old with the new is refreshing.
Inspiration comes in many forms, Liisa’s attention to clear lines and dress shirts exhibit qualities in material and simple design – the red lip stick is key.
For an 18 year old young woman, Jade’s vintage point of view is mature and pleasing… once again, a huge fan of the spectacles.

More to come - Berlin, San Francisco, & Barcelona join our journey in international expression!

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