Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010 - Chapter 1 (JNava intensity)

It’s not every day we encounter something special – this past Thursday summarized months of effort and hard work for this year’s JNava-Geniuz Ink Elements Fashion Show.  I still find myself in flight, freely floating on the high of Thursday night’s intensity.  I’ve gone to numerous fashion shows in the past, but experiencing it first hand for ourselves tempts a whole new meaning.  Our involvement in fashion and business united an army of cooperation… celebrating its reaping benefits was electric!! 

Thursday was a date for the books; the entire day was filled with anticipation… weeks of e-mail and phone communication brought together a group of 40+ individuals – molding names with faces, and building new found friendships!  Our day at Centre Salon connected a theme of elements and beauty… models began pouring in, each one offering a distinct appeal.  The team at Centre Salon performed a magnificent job; all of them crafted stunning results in both hair and makeup.  I couldn’t believe the amount of creativity, each outcome was tailored for that specific heart-breaker. Yes, heart-breakers ;)
Being a relational person, I thrive on this human interaction!  This event effected more than our clothing line, it brought together family, friends, old colleagues and the possibility of new relationships.  I try very hard to listen to the voice of reason… to understand this dynamic is fascinating.  Yes the fashion show was a success, but even more important was the power we felt in encouragement and support.  Rendered by our fans, our vision takes new shape.  To sincerely believe in someone or something has amazing influence.

These pictures represent so much time and effort intrigued in our passion.  I am so thankful that I was able to share this energy with those around me, and hope my experience inspires your appetite for something special.  This is so cliché but true, the decision is ours and the possibilities exist… how bad do you want it?  My deepest appreciation to Keri Hale (Centre Salon at Tiffany Plaza), Julian Donaldson (Geniuz Ink), Dusty Volkel (Volkel Image), Ryan Olsen ( Photographer), Kelly Beth (Jewelry designer), Zach Proffitt, Alex Young and Tara Hallam (Lavish Marketing Director).  The list continues and you know who you are – thank you!
“I approached everything, my job, my family, my romances, with intensity” ~ Gene Tierney

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