Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 2010 - Park Meadows Mall

As a company open to the waves of change, our mission to provide exclusive apparel finds inspiration by those among us.  A connection motivated by Colorado’s rising generation.  This youthful perspective is creative and vibrant.  We have made it a goal to continually evaluate Denver fashion – providing sneak peeks and instant style trends every month.  This past weekend JNava toured Park Meadows Mall – Lone Tree, CO.  With camera in hand, our findings were encouraging.
Park Meadows Mall is known as Colorado’s retail resort – natives and visitors experience an elevated shopping experience, combining high-end fashion with accommodating comforts.  This weekend’s volunteers shared a unique style, a style that was unfortunately scarce during our visit.  With the newness of spring, Colorado locals are still reaching for denim, boots and long sleeves. 

 2010 style has encouraged the “age” of skinny denim.  Their cut and color pair well with any footwear.
 The American T-shirt is standard issue these days – it’s inexpensive, casual, and always in style.
 Black is timeless - her boots and little black dress are balanced and stylish.
We look forward to exploring Colorado’s fashion scene and hope to visit Seattle Washington, Los Angeles California, and New York City this year! 
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