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March 21, 2010 - The essence of the Nile

Gold was their color, and they wore it well.  They were a culture of status and eminence – with the Nile River as their Mediterranean landscape, its bounty produced one of the richest cultures in the world.  This lavish civilization expanded more than 3,000 years… the Egyptians engineered a lifestyle of power, and a long list of celebrated history.  Artifacts and monuments portrayed reflections of time, inviting ancient perspective of fashion and beauty.  Their attention to bodily hygienics and ceremonial practice paves the way for today’s topic: “the essence of beauty.”

The ancient Egyptians understood the importance of ritual and fragrance - not only in their day to day life, but the afterlife as well.  Aroma filled containers made of pottery or stone accented tombs – gold if you were sovereign.  Perfumes were expensive… Egypt was the first culture to frequently use imported (India) or local selections of lily, iris, cinnamon, sandalwood, and jasmine on their skin.  Cleopatra, Egypt’s last pharaoh and ruler magnified its obsession.  Because of their ingenious practice, we find the same importance of scent sought for today.
Our perennial process of self-expression has just been elevated.  This hidden statement of blended ingredients has spanned the globe.  Researchers have dissected its alluring effects, and over time created an “understanding” of its chemistry - personality in a bottle.  L.A.’s Beverly Boulevard has developed a scent focused business (Scent Bar –, offering an abundant selection with tailored advice.  While Los Angeles represents just a trace of its demand… Tokyo, Paris, London, New York, and Stockholm offer their stimulating emporiums as well.
Impressions of style and fragrance are deeply connected – nothing speaks more of our inner core.  A glimpse of our heart and mind… I love the mystery in this.  Every day presents an expressive scent to wear, an essence of attitude - A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting ~ Christian Dior
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