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March 20, 2010 - Denim days

One of my favorite pieces of clothing - the history of denim, and the birth of blue jeans invites itself into a world of necessity and self-expression.  Inspired by the California gold rush, Levi Strauss (24), a young German native plants seed for a history of evolving demand.  This twilled cotton from France "serge de Nimes" was affectionately called denim, and overtime wearers nicknamed them "blue jeans."

This durable fabric found popularity since its inception in 1853.  Its versatility and comfort went hand and hand - California westerners had stumbled upon something unique.  Denim continued to transform throughout the years... cowboys, off duty soldiers in WWII wore them freely - introducing a whole new comfort.  Quickly establishing a name for themselves, blue jeans became a behavior and way of life.

I had to put this picture in here - these boys take denim to a an all new level!!  Notice the piano belt by our blue jean enthusiast on the left, classic.

    red bike - red heels - red lipstick.... the beauty in combos!
Their flair for style and creative cuts blossomed in the 1960's-70's-80's.  Jeans were seen as a "western decadence"  Interesting to see their function viewed this way... the 1980's announced designer fashion - Calvin Klein and Guess jeans shatter the market.  High end fashion just went mainstream.

It's difficult to view denim completely out of style, but the 90's persuaded its wearers to try new fabrics.  The year 2000 excited designers to reinvent denim - specifically addressing the contours of our beautiful physique.
I love their simplicity - their function is endless, there was never a fitting more diverse and sensational!

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"Jeans represent democracy in fashion." ~ Giorgio Armani

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