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March 19, 2010 - New York Fashion Week

I am continually stunned by the affects of World War II - more specifically, how it's applied to American fashion.  Today we examine the birth of New York fashion week, America's mecca and culture capitol of the world!  The Nazi occupation of Paris halted a thriving economy, and more importantly its fashion industry.  Europe's contention with Germany triggered US publicist Eleanor Lambert to distract focus from our allied neighbor, and conceive an American dream: New York Fashion Week.  Her vision was sound, already developing her name in the fashion industry, Lambert's reputation had been building.  Her momentum for change spawned an awakening... inspiring American designers and international press to New York, 1943 defines a year of fashion awareness and a metropolis of recognition.
Who knew Lambert's dream would construct an empire of power?  A platform of dreams... Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, and Calvin Klein harmonized a household name - fueling America's need for style and fashion.  As New York fashion week continued to breathe new life in trends, the 60's and 70's instituted New York as a city of creativity.  Lambert's dream was coming together, in 1973 she and five other designers left for Paris - offering a fresh perspective in American style and US originality.  Dior and Chanel were speechless... Stephen Burrows (American designer) establishes a portrait of genius adding a distinct flavor in American appearance.  Donna Karan surfaces her sassy expressions in the 1980s, and joins New York's ambassadors of international presence - Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

New York fashion is bursting from the seams! Its status and clientele follow adamantly.  International designers are flocking to its brilliance.  The late 1980s sees an introduction to influential individuals - Nancy Reagan (first lady) and Anna Wintour (newly acclaimed editor and chief of Vogue magazine).  Claudia Shiffer, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell transform the 90s into a decade of "the supermodel", redefining the runway as a place of blended attraction.
The new millenium enticed a new audience - the age of the celebrity was in our midst.  Their interest found a front row appearance at fashion week - and would continue to this day... in 2003 Eleanor Lambert makes her last debut in the fashion world.  To see its growth and impact must of been profound... the vision she shared, the lives she touched must have been overwhelming.  The Empress of Seventh Avenue (Fashion Avenue) created a legacy, a legacy that finds strength in New York's Lincoln Center - claiming prestigious title.  New York fashion week complements its blossoming network of artistry.  I hope to some day visit the empire city, and I look forward to the opportunity!

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