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March 17, 2010 - 2010 Women's Hair Trends...

Hairstyles have evolved dramatically over time.   One of history’s most famous Theologians describes it best:   “The hair is the richest ornament on women” ~ Martin Luther (1546).  Though an ancient perspective, Martin’s philosophy of hair couldn’t have been more correct.   Inspired by one of my favorite websites, presents an in depth approach to this year’s hair trends for women.  Every year models present creative styles of self expression – influenced by our current season, hair designers find ways to discover or renew an idyllic era.  2010 introduces some added form and continual styles of 2009.

Paired with any color, the milkmaid braid was extremely popular in 2009 – we find its popularity strengthened in natural fashion thanks to Alexander Wang’s spring 2010 runway.  I love this urban-street style example… when I see the side braid, it speaks femininity and honesty.


I don’t see how this classic trend could ever die; the 1940’s produced a look of first-class appearance.  Embracing long locks with wavy personality finds a special tenacity this year – and not just spring/summer – Fall as well!  Its length and side part remind of us of a time of dignified beauty.

While the 1940’s establishes itself in 2010 – the 1970’s also finds priority.  Sharpening its style on texture and simplicity – a long straight length is key, while an occasional wave adds a discrete appeal.
I’m still warming up to this idea - this concept suggests use of gel with a wide toothed comb or fingers… maybe it’s my perspective of how I view a lady, but gel should be reserved for male use only.  Then again, it’s all on attitude right? 

Very similar to its slick back counterpart, a masculine hairstyle finds trend in a side part fashion - A daring option, but one worth taking if short hair is your preference. 
With help from originating from the French “chignon du cou” (which means “nape of the neck”), a chignon is an elegant low bun or twist that sits at the nape of the neck.
Sleek top knots and braids join this year’s “up-do”
Be creative and have fun!
“Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.”  ~Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985
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