Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010 D.C Worthington Photography & The Rouse

This past week was fantastic - channeling Denver’s lifeline and connecting to its core is remarkable.  Our city is brewing a consistent blend of talent and kinetic energy.  A melody sweet and pure to its listeners… I shared in this pleasing experience and walked away a satisfied man.  Tonight’s focus sheds light onto two rising stars: D.C. Worthington Photography (Danielle Worthington) & The Rouge (Josh Vaught, Jack Egan, Mike Griffith, Adam Call, and Steve Voss)“one of Denver’s brightest new bands” Andy Thomas – Westword Magazine.  I had the opportunity to share in their passion, and more importantly meet them in person.

The Lost Lake Lounge in Denver set the tone for Saturday night’s performance – a young Cat Stevens was serving drinks at the bar, and the venues faint mood in lighting paired well with The Rouge’s indie/rock vibe. The band was recently signed to Atlantic Records in New York, and joins recognition with Ray Charles and Led Zeppelin.  This unveiling was very special, fans and friends joined in their exuberance!   The band played a moody performance, inviting listeners into their lyrical genius and emotional energy.  I commend all of their hard work and wish them a bright future of success and happiness!
JNava Clothing is constantly networking with Denver’s brilliance – thankfully, the variances in social media create that hub of opportunity.  D.C. Worthington Photography is owned and operated by the lovely Danielle Worthington.  Her interest in photography fashions a goal of intimacy and emotion, capturing images of life through faces and self-expression.  Meeting her character in person strengthens a passionate attitude and vision to meet your needs. Embracing my dorky intentions, my shoot with Danielle depicted an American icon: Buddy Holly.  My experience was fun and enjoyable – an amazing testament to her future clients, and a great start for an aspiring entrepreneur.  Become a fan on Facebook!

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