Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4, 2010 - The Vice

It's amazing how fast life seems to escalate as we mature... the difficulty in responsibility coupled with bills and family life never cease!  The demand in maintaining this balance often tests our ability to cope through other means. As family and friends create the foundation of our support, many of us are stricken of these comforts... led down a different path.  And forced to usher a new vice and instrument of hope.  The past two years in moments of stress or concern, my vice was cigarettes... I found a certain refuge and solace tied in their harmful effects.  My recent addiction opened doors of socialization - I experienced a form of camaraderie in those at my workplace, night life, neighbors, and morning and evening routines.  My decision to adopt this form of habitual abuse was blinding.  Approaching one month of vice free addiction, I have decided to break this mentality and start anew. You may be asking how I came to this conclusion... well my friends, I invite you to follow me some more.

I was bombarded by friends and family who stressed concern for my overall being to quit.  I ignored their advice continually... living in the moment and enjoying my youth.  I felt untouchable.  At what point do we say no? Does it take a life changing moment to realize what we are apart of?  In many cases I would have to agree.  My rouse to reality came from an actress who I admire passionately.  Her presence graced the silver screen in a decade of class and style.  A lady in all ways possible, and a beauty in its rarest form.  Her name was Gene Eliza Tierney, born in Brooklyn NY November 20, 1920. Miss Tierney's acting career started in the 1940's as a promising young actor with an unforgettable face.  The roles she portrayed emulated her hopes for a normal life, and a life of love and promise.  Unfortunately, Gene's life was best described as a roller coaster of mishaps.  Her journey in life shared broken relationships, a daughter of mental retardation, depression, & electroshock therapy.

Through the course of her career, she was encouraged to start smoking.  In hopes of lowering her voice... it worked, but the habit had already been created.  She continued to smoke up until her death in 1991 of Emphysema.  Her life fascinates me, and has left a lasting impression on my heart and mind.  Gene Tierney will long be remembered for being one of the screen's greatest beauties, and as an actress who, when given good parts, gave performances equal to the best.  I leave you with one of my favorite quotes on Gene's behalf: ."I admire anyone who rids himself of an addiction" Leaving on this note, I encourage all of you to tackle your vice and begin living a new life of beautiful potential!



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