Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010 - Calvin Klein

It all starts as a dream.  Escaping to an alternate reality where everything makes sense.  I could bet all of us at one point in our lives have dreamt of an idyllic existence.  I remember moments as a young boy wanting to be a Marine Biologist… the thought and idea of working with sea life and residing near the beach couldn’t get any better.  Breathing fresh sea air and adopting an unhurried lifestyle was my kind of living.  I often envisioned these dreams at a moment’s notice, or, even without notice!  I was prepared to live a life of success and rewarding career.  Now I ask you, where did my inspiration come from?
We are all relational creatures influenced by the words and behaviors’ around us.  Growing up in southern California and being exposed to this impressionable lifestyle had its lasting effects.  Whether or not this was meant to be my destiny, the point I’m trying to convey is that I was inspired! What inspires you?  Awakening my new found passion in business, I am inclined to seek those who have reached their dreams.  At an adolescent age Calvin Richard Klein showed passion for fashion and drawing. Researching more on Calvin’s inception, much of his time was spent sketching women in suits and dresses.  Inspired by New York’s urban youth… Calvin established his clothing company in 1968.
Conceiving of more than just suits and dresses, Mr. Klein had bigger plans for the fashion world.  Trade marking his designer jeans, introduced a new style and backed by the beautiful Brooke Shields sold 40,000 pairs in one week!  As Klein continued his reign in the fashion world, his focus expanded in new directions.  Creating that firm foundation in fashion and led by a contagious lifestyle, there is no doubt that he is considered one of the most prominent American designers of our time.  His success and accolades shed hope and inspiration for my future with JNava Clothing.   Who knows, in a few years we may have fragrances and designer eyewear….
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