Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, 2010 - Royalty

Today was a day of genuine testimony... a feeling of royalty.  Three years ago I purchased a car from Ralph Schomp Honda.  I had never owned a vehicle from the Honda motor company, but through positive word of mouth and self research, I was very impressed.  Shortly after World War II, Japan was in dire need of rebuilding its economy and through Japanese entrepreneurs such as Soichiro Honda, re-birthing a once powerful nation showed amazing promise through the help of the American people.  Following Soichiro's dreams at a very young age, his natural talent for anything power-driven opened doors for the future, linking his imminent success to the greatest reformation in modern history!

Honda continued his efforts in manufacturing quality products fed by a hungry passion.  Opened in 1946, his company found a position in motorcycle making, constructing inexpensive fuel efficient models that would create a note worthy reputation in design and superb quality.  Honda continued to shine, cementing his company as the top motorcycle manufacturer in Japan.  In 1959, vision spread toward the US... and although the name "Japan" still had negative emotions amongst the US people, hopes remained high.  A decade later, Honda unveiled its first automobile import.  1972 posed amazing pollution concerns... Honda's Civic and Accord models embarrassed the competition and America's government and weary public began to have faith.

It's amazing to see the legacy continue... Ralph Schomp Honda and its employees carry the same passion.  In everything and anything they do, their services fall nothing less than perfect.  Standing by Honda's vision and adoration for a different car company, they have impacted many.  I couldn't have felt more like royalty!  Standing by a company and their product shared with amazing customer service is inspiring.  That's what isolates the good from the great, meticulous detail and banking on "the little things".... because of these invested qualities, people have something to stand by.  I share in this experience and am proud to say I own a Honda.  If you are starting a business, how will you be remembered? Or do you have what it takes....

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