Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010 - We hold the key

Everyday I’m amazed on the direction of my blogs.  Life has a special way of reminding us on where we need to be, and a focus worth shifting towards.  This story shares a love we all enjoy, food!  Experiencing this flavorful mix of life and culture has beautiful potential… partaking in this enjoyable activity and sharing it with children creates opportunities of growth and life development.  Reminiscing on the days of old, I fondly remember the quality time spent with family, and investment opportunity I was a part of.
As parents hold the key, they are choosing to lead their children by example.  Establishing traits of success for the future!  Time management, math, science, and communication reveal beneficial qualities in the kitchen worth instilling in our youth.  When simple tasks are given, we are promoting confidence and a sense of independence.  Engaging these attributes in a fun environment is strongly urged.  Be as creative and experimental as you want… your atmosphere is crucial.  In my home, we have music we listen to and try as often as we can to shut off the television. 
It’s neat to see your kids look forward to this activity… my son asks frequently what we are making for dinner and how he can help.  My daughter on the other hand, well, we’re still working on that.  She joins the ranks of picky eaters anonymous… addressing this struggle with encouraged participation, hopefully someday through continued interaction she’ll delight in her own cuisine.  As much of this can be applied to our children, surely this assistance can rekindle a blah relationship… or offer a new outlook in communication.  To healthy cooking! And future chef’s of the world.
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