Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010 - Vintage

A good friend of mine from Billings MT had sent me some vintage DVD's... out of the three, there were two I had never heard of.  Enclosed were: The Sand Pebbles (1966), Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), and a more recent film... Gran Torino (2008).  I had seen Gran Torino once before, and actually watched it again today.  A superb film in my opinion and even though its release was just two years ago, much applause is surrounded by Clint Eastwood's performance and history on the silver screen.  Characterized by excellence, maturing, and enduring appeal... anything vintage shadows this nature.  As these films authenticate a specific era, their story and enduring style have sustained the years.

Stepping into 2010, stores across the US and a considerable part of the world are hopping onto this popular demand.  Hopefully you can see where I'm going with this... clothing produced between the 1920's and 1970's is considered vintage.  Actually, anything produced during this time line is coined with wearing this iconic label.  Designers and fans of similar interest have accepted this enduring appeal and are seeking more! So what's vintage?  Surely there is much debate over this, and determining whether or not a Members Only jacket is vintage, or the unforgettable MC Hammer pants qualifies... who knows??  All I know is that its moving toward that direction, and you can see it's effects today.  Those who bear this timeless impression remember its beginnings with a sentimental heart.

I find myself wearing more and more Mr. Rogers cardigans and argyle socks.  Fashioning a tie with button down shirts on the weekend, and slacks to the office.  I am a victim of this vintage trend, and forget sometimes which decade we are currently in.  One thing is certain, as the years continue, their style remains... telling a story of life and time we never knew.

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