Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sir Charles Hildreth - Photographer

The symbolism of fire entangles a powerful mixture of love, hate, and desire… its vivid color personifies a collectedness found in emotion and determination. Last night I had the opportunity to share in its flame, wandering the streets of Denver with my friend and photographer, Charles Hildreth (303 Magazine). Charles passion in photography strengthens an idea, surrounded in love and found in the emotions of life, his portraits decode life’s cryptic message. I admire his ability to discern and openly engage his targets with intensity… those who gaze upon his work are compelled to share in his reverence of beauty. While his images promote deep thought and reflection, the man behind the lens is nothing short of spectacular.

Follow his work as it happens:

All the best, Mark Nava

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  1. Such great art. I love all the concept. I am right now on the process of learning this art. I need inspirations such as Sir Charles :)