Monday, July 26, 2010

Choose Life

I love this image: their mannerisms exhibit an everlasting likeness between male and female companions.  Surmise to say this attraction bears frequent heartache and often leads to a path of isolation.  A season(s) spent in meditation can promote new beginnings... while the focus to understand one another motivates our existence.  Weapons of manipulation and insecurity overwhelm our potential - life has taught me to embrace my internal compass, following its direction intently and listening cautiously.  Only when the shades of vanity are lifted can there be a healthy perspective in partnership.  This theory applies to more than just our significant other, bonds of friendship suffer on a similar platform... we accept an ugliness fashioned around negative energy.  A debilitating consequence begins to develop, causing turmoil within our spirit, almost like a poison effecting every cell and the core of our being.  The truth is, we know better... a life spent with those who fail to acknowledge our gifts will never appreciate them.  We must choose individuals who add substance to our life, inspiring love and variety.  What will you choose... choose life!

All the best, Mark Nava

Image: We heart it


  1. Brilliant.. Love again how you express the written word and really pull the meaning with feelings..

    We should have coffee soon my friend..

  2. Hey you!

    Very cute post I loved reading it :)