Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion with a taste of summer

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I love this time of year… day light savings and long summer nights join an encouraging spell of adventure and soulful rejuvenation.  Our home in Denver provides an epic back drop for the dog days of summer.  The fresh air and elevated sites entice our neighboring borders with curiosity.  There are many qualities to find inspiring about Colorado… flawless sunsets, and friendly faces provide the benchmark in Mile High status.   While this native appeal staples our façade, there is a definite lacking in style and originality.
We find ourselves motionless in the field of fashion - caught in between east and west coast influence, Denver is looking for an answer… breathing our current season, the common theme in Denver embraces a relaxed and unoriginal frame of mind.  Summer employs this talented notion openly, encouraging wearers to take the easy route in laziness. There has to be more to a person’s wardrobe than flip flops and cargo shorts.  Surely our creativity extends beyond the realm of blah boring basics.  Reverting to fashion in history and the progression of worldly societies, the generations have provided a distinguished taste of elegance and class.  Call me old fashioned, but I believe my perspective sharpens an idea – a lifestyle applauding self esteem and respect. 
There is nothing more attractive than a woman wearing a summer dress in style, enhancing her stems with a comfortable wedge or platform slingback (open-toed).  Rings, embellished necklaces/earrings and seducing aromas are very much appreciated in my book.  Guys often wonder why they can’t engage the female sex.  Sorry gents, ladies appreciate a well dressed ensemble just as much as we do.  Why does a baseball hat maintain your focal standpoint? Be creative!   
En light of recent travels to the west coast, originality exists in fashion.  It thrives in a refreshing manner – an alluring attraction found in imagination and attitude.  It wasn’t until I was immersed in its entirety to really understand Denver’s predicament.  Tasting fashion from different parts of the country is a wonderful experience.  I can already witness JNava’s vision shifting towards a new and stimulating destination.  My brother Jason continues to amaze my wonderment… his point of view is constantly evolving, challenging the trends of today with intensity. 
We grow anxious for the next couple weeks!  As the summer line continues to ship out, we have collaborated efforts with a band in Minneapolis MN called Solid Gold – their exclusive sound pairs perfectly for our upcoming commercial in August.  Work for the upcoming commercial has also been shared with Casey Diedrick and Molly Burnett with Days of our Lives.  We are thankful for their time and energy as we continue to grow as a company.  It feels good to write again… even though we veer from our path sometimes, we always seem to find our way back ;)

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