Wednesday, June 9, 2010


As of lately, my taste in music has shifted back and forth on a generational plane.  I find myself retreating to a time in history fashioned around ornamental elegance and European influence.  The Baroque era (1600-1750) produced some idyllic composers – Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Frederic Handel and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  While their power in music finds root today, even more important is music’s ability to stimulate the senses. The significance of music can be seen throughout history and maintains a sustaining force in creativity and learning.
No matter the genre or persuasion, the melodies of music provoke internal rhythm – a connectedness found within the human body and mind.  Research has provided a positive correlation to emotional, spiritual, and physical awakenings… a universal link shared among the nations. 
I have found my recent affection for classical music soothing and refreshing.  When I’m not working for JNava Clothing, my time is spent serving the citizens of West Metro Fire Rescue as a 911 Dispatcher.  The environment is tense and often times turbulent – between chaotic radio traffic and enthusiastic callers, you can imagine my concern.  These opposing demands fight with my body’s internal balance (homeostasis) and continually poke at my sanity.  I stumbled upon the accented beauty of Mozart’s Sonata for two pianos in D major… Wolfgang’s rendition promotes a pacified state of relaxation, lowering blood pressure and pulse rate.  The 16th and 17th centuries paved a way in repetitious moods and contrasts; its reoccurring order continues to inspire students of learning and test taking routines. 

Shifting forward in time, artists have found ways to connect with audiences in Rock n’ Roll (AC/DC), Rhythm & Blues (The Spinners), Gospel (Winans Family), Country (Charlie Daniels), Folk (John Denver), Jazz (Ramsey Lewis), Pop (Madonna) and Boogie Woogie (Albert Ammons) - the list is endless.  While these distinctive genres provide a specific sound and energy, the premise remains the same – they fill our hearts and minds with euphoric overload! 

The mesmerizing beats of music saturate our lives in every way - there is no denying its authority and melodious attraction.  Nor its effects on fashion and sought after lifestyles.  I love everything about music… the frolic to my step, the way I move my hips, and the constant urge to lift my arms in celebration.  The collaboration of mind and body is food to the soul.
What’s JNava listening to?

So much of our design in JNava stems from these inspiring yet progressive groups.  Check out their hip potency and breathe in a flavorful mix of body rockin hits.
All the best,
Mark Nava


  1. Don't forget Debussy! I love Debussy <3 But for those quieter days I choose either trance (ATB or M83!) or musical scores (preferably John Williams). For Rock 'n Roll I'm a die hard Guns 'n Roses fan. I like the Carpenters, Mahalia Jackson, Josephine Cronholm, Robyn, Kid Cudi and Erykah Badu :)

    That, my friend, is just the tip of the colossal music iceberg that varies my taste.

  2. I love that video clip of "we own the sky".
    the quality is so good. Those people seemed to be really connected with the nature. beautiful!