Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st, 2010 - **JNava Update**

My brother and I are staying busy these days… our business is continually evolving, earnestly turning the pages into the next JNava chapter.  It’s so much fun to see our vision take shape.  Enjoying each day with reverence, and more importantly, cherishing the friendships we’ve forged along the way.  The next few months hold influential promise… as we continue our journey in new beginnings, I invite you to follow our progression and appreciate all of your support!
The changing of the seasons has provoked new designs, brighter colors and new perspective.  Embracing a theme of “ELEVATION,” JNava models and creative talents by Ryan Olsen Photography team up for an awakening of Spring.  The Mile-High City is thriving… its urban energy blends perfectly into the JNava brand – be sure to check out very soon, and become a fan of Ryan Olsen Photography on Facebook!
Pulling on JNava roots has powerful symbolism… so much of our company’s heart finds life through west coast tradition – channeling its unhurried lifestyle and casual style sense.  The city of angels (Los Angeles, CA) and the emerald city (Seattle, WA) have charmed our relationship once again.  Next month we attend Seattle Fashion Week (May 10-15th).  Still emerging as a prime location in fashion, and since its inception in 2003, we hope to touch toes with local and global industry leaders.  I for one am excited to experience Seattle’s Market Street, and its maritime street style.
Shortly after our visit to the Pacific Northwest, we are off again – venturing south to “the golden state.”  Our connections to fashion have expanded outside our Rocky Mountain range… thankfully, our friends live in outstanding locations, offering their wealth of knowledge, and producing vital opportunities in fashion networking.  Jason will be in Cali in May/June – and I will join him in June.  Alex Dexter and Onna Suhovy, we will see you very soon!
JNava & Geniuz Ink is at it again, already brainstorming this summer’s fashion show in July.  The Twisted Olive in Denver has been chosen to host our summer fling, offering its guests a unique experience in cuisine and seasonal fashion –
As we continue to broaden our label, our intention to deliver aesthetically pleasing graphics remains a steadfast focus.  Floating on the waves of change is thrilling, we have taken a keen interest to cut and sew manufacturing.  Sample scarves, vests, and cardigans join the next platform in JNava Clothing.  Frequent visits to have made a recurrent routine.  Harnessing the expertise of those behind a sewing machine is a lot more comforting than attempting this skillful trade on our own – Shannon Mckinnon and Bridget Luly you have our endearing thanks.
-Meeting Tara Stravinsky ( tomorrow.  Her ingenuity towards ladies accessories is fresh and creative… not to mention, sexy.  Her addition to this year’s Summer fashion show is a must.

-JNava commercial in production… black and white theme with acoustic synergy provided by Kamyab Mohager.
I hope you’ve enjoyed our update, your support is valued and I cannot begin to express my deepest appreciation.  Have a productive week and be safe!
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