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April 12, 2010 - The perfect suit

It has the persuasion to elicit confidence and prestige – its enduring appeal has withstood the centuries, and is supported by its pillar of strength.  No matter the affair or environment, its presence is always welcomed and appreciated.  The suit is man’s best friend – no other garment has its taste of refinement.  As we dissect its anatomy piece by piece, I hope you understand its value and vision for success!
“Dressing up.  People just don’t do it anymore.  We have to change that.”  John Galliano
Every man should own a suit, there is no excuse – no matter your profession or trade, this tailored investment is worth your time and money.  While $500 sounds like a lot, you’d be surprised on what you receive… whether you choose a prevailing navy or classic grey, both have establishing perspectives in business and sophistication.  Believe me, I understand that money is tight… stretching your buck for your bang is important, a vintage black is eternal.  We’ve learned this from our forefathers - this suit will never fail you. While these colors form a foundation of success, pinstripes add a distinguished elegance.
Suits come in wool or cotton (poplin), seasonal additions such as linen and silk mark a man as laid back and classy.  No matter the thread, your two-piece original should fit like a glove.  The moment you slip on your suit, warm fuzzy feelings should overfill your cup!
Choosing a color and fabric is one thing – the fit remains the essence of a man.  So much is told in the cut and swagger to your step.  Your comfort is important – having that flexibility to enjoy your investment is key.  You must decide on a single or double-breasted jacket… it’s important that it fits as close as possible.  Tailoring pants is effortless compared to a jacket.  Both styles pair well with varying body types, single-breasted jackets favors the slim, while double-breasted accentuate the broad.  Either way, the goal is whatever suits your fancy ;)
Deciding on a single-breasted jacket suggests how many buttons you’d like… in my opinion anything more than three buttons is a little excessive.  Keep it simple, less is more. 
There is debate on whether or not your trousers should have a cuff or not?  If your suit has a pleat, it should always have a cuff.  The weight of the cuff will help the trouser leg hang and both physically and visually balance the pleats up top. On flat-front pants it’s more of an option dictated by personal preference. -
Before exhibiting your masterpiece, let’s take it a step further… those who pay attention to detail will splinter from the rest – cuff links, tie bars, tie tacks, handkerchiefs, and timepieces add a distinction in fortitude.  Your combination for personal style is up to you – I hope this has helped, and have fun!
Like every good man, I strive for perfection, and, like every ordinary man, I have found that perfection is out of reach – but not the perfect suit. ~ Edward Tivnan

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