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March 8, 2010 - Rainy day fashion

I love the variety in Denver’s climate; everyday offers a new perspective in fashion, and creative ways to express ourselves with seasonal flare. Morning dew layered our Colorado landscape… inhaling the daylight air was very refreshing. I love the smell of rain – there is a chemical reaction with nature and a turning point of the seasons that invigorating! Spring is upon us, blossoming new life and vibrant colors. Rainy day fashion presents itself with environmental obstacles, and the need for an inventive style – both comfortable and appealing. Melanie De Guzman from Venice California reminds us: “How you wear it is more important than what you wear.” Today we look at pleasing suggestions that can offer stimulating alternatives for your wardrobe.

Looking at fashion from a standpoint of rain reminds me of an iconic film starring Gene Kelly – Singin’ in the Rain (1952). Gene’s lighthearted performance fascinates its viewers with whimsical foot work and fashionable style. Style that’s bled into today… it’s not what he wore that defined his act, but the personality and polish he placed on his apparel. His popped collar and umbrella merged an original trend, sparking a uniqueness that makes fashion fun and different. Where has this savvy perspective gone? Why have we become so fatigued in our daily presentations that our individuality is lost… as we take a look at today’s impressions, hopefully you’ll see a new inspiration!

I look forward to the rainy days… the climate evokes a special blend of accessories: Colorful scarves, umbrellas, leather and rubber boots, jackets with zippers and buttons, cardigans, leggings, gloves, knitted hats, & jewelry. The combinations are endless and all of us add a flavorful sense of personal fashion – if we are willing. JNava Clothing welcomes spring with open arms, offering an energetic line of colors and urban/edgy designs. Brilliant blues, passionate pinks, and tasteful raspberry’s join a colorful pinwheel of new designs. We look forward to this season’s beginnings, and hope you join our continual effort in personal fashion and refreshing style.

Gene Kelly (Singin' in the Rain) -

Images provided by the Los Angeles Times

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