Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010 - Hipster kids

The term "hipster" culminates a distinct trend in fashion and lifestyle among youth today.  Hipster's, or "cool kids" as they affectionately call themselves, possess a unique ideal... an attitude separate in itself.  Dating back to the 1940's, originally classified toward the urban middle class (adults/older teenagers) - today the term has broadened its narrative: "One who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool" - The Hipster Handbook.  This exclusive blend of individuals are the epitome of personal style, and impressionable fashion sense.  I discovered some hipster fashion through The Cool Hunter - a fashion site displaying worthy snapshots of this urban style - represented in classic form! Kids.

Who says our kids have to settle for department store monotony? Online stores such as suggest hipster movement in tender form.  By encouraging a new outlook in fashion, aren't we establishing individuals to think outside the box... using their creative minds and wandering steps through a clear perspective?  Through our continual transformation - JNava Clothing will eventually embark on youthful expressions aimed toward comfortable attire, and stimulating style.  Our vision is comprised of more than our target market (16-30 year olds) - though our current juncture is exciting! We are always looking to the future and clashing generations who walk this earth.  I love these pictures! Everything worn is something I would wear myself. It's neat to see designers answer the call for "hipster kid fashion."

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  1. I agree that kids should, at an early age, be able to use clothing as part of self expression. Especially at a young age, they are so creative and their perspective is fresh and untainted. Their individuality is candid and genuine. Very insightful...

  2. Sally,

    I'm so glad you could share your opinion! kids embrace a kindred spirit that I find fascinating... you are absolutely correct, thank you for your time.