Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23, 2010 - Fashion 101

No matter how you look at it, fashion is a state of mind.  As I’m entering a new stage of my life, I’m realizing that everything I put on sends a message.  The reflection I convey is a direct extension of me and my personality.   I had never really thought about before, and until recently just didn’t even care.  Cynthia Nellis from Women’s Fashion Guide says it best:  “It has the power to transform an image and make a social statement.”  Whether you care or not, fashion talks… your presentation can echo subtle expressions, or cry-out personal style! The environment and cultural icons of today dictate constant change.  “To some fashion is an art form, to others, it is almost a religion” – Cynthia Nellis.
Everyone’s approach is different, I’m sure that most would agree that while expressing ourselves a particular way is our own prerogative… self-esteem remains the catalyst.  Fashion is revealing.  Clothes reveal what groups’ people are in.  This statement reminds me of high school and the cliques we were a part of: “preps, skaters, Goths, etc.” The image we broadcast displays our style, and unfortunately, sometimes certain stereotypes.  To see the power that fashion holds is staggering.  How do you make your image known? Hair, shoes, makeup, clothes, & accessories add to the flavor of this constant change.  By combining these traits of expression, we are adapting ourselves to diversity and indulging in life’s beauty.
Most days, if I’m not at the office or lounging around the house, comfort strikes my fancy.  Mood seems to affect my wardrobe as well… nothing beats a rainy/snowy day in sweats and a hoodie!  Oh... and what’s clean.  In my opinion, Denver is in dire need of a fashion face lift.  It’s getting there and though our social scene is attractive, style and appeal are a bit off track.  JNava Clothing understands this dilemma, and with our contagious style, and impressionable message, we plan to assist our clients.  Fashion is changing, transforming as we speak… where will you be?
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