Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st, 2010 - Gratitude

I have spent the last year researching and learning more about the generation that changed our world.  World War II was the largest and most destructive war in history.  To speak of its monumental undertaking and destruction of life, the freedoms we enjoy today on behalf of our service men and women has a deeper meaning.  Counting the cost of human involvement and dedicated service, the number exceeds the millions… 110 million people served in the armed forces of the fighting nations, and over 1.7 billion people participated in some way. 
Investigating this era in history (1939-1945), and taking the time to know more of our Nation’s involvement, my appreciation is overflowing.  I have read several books confirming firsthand accounts of veteran combat and survival.  To hear their stories and struggles is eye opening.  The road traveled thus far has been enlightening… it has in many ways encouraged me to display a new found character of tribute and recognition.  Shifting focus from this era to the present brings me to the core of this blog.  I wanted to boost awareness of U.S. soldiers presently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We are fighting a determined enemy and receding into an age of modern warfare.
I am attaching a link to encourage your cooperation and recognition.  If you have ever felt awkward or hesitant in thanking our military personnel, you are not alone.  Hopefully through Scott Truitt’s goal at The Gratitude Campaign will you realize the need to say “thank you”.
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