Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10, 2010 - The fountain of youth

Rising slowly this morning, I was greeted warmly by my chocolate lab Emma.  Affectionately nudged and a few kisses later, I was up and stumbling to the bathroom.  Drawing some cool water I began to analyze my face… rapidly approaching the age of 30, sun spots, wrinkles, and aging skin was my canvas.  Life has a sneaky way of reminding us of our maturity and what lies ahead.   Why do we want to look younger?  Could you pinpoint it to self-esteem?  America’s anti-aging business is a 60 billion dollar enterprise that caters to and fuels the fear of growing old.  Plastic surgeons, Cosmetic Dermatologists, miracle creams, Botox and non-evasive procedures join the ranks of America’s hope!  You must admit: We all want to defy aging… speaking from my own perspective, I welcome my continual transformation and hopefully an astute frame of mind.
It’s amazing how critical we are and the measures we take towards delaying the inevitable.  The most I do is wash my face, and apply a face moisturizer.  But taking it a step further and visiting a medical spa, a chemical peel or micro-derm abrasion remains a basic step in ironing out fine lines and replenishing a youthful complexion.  Your probably wondering how I know this stuff… to be honest I’ve had these procedures done in the past (micro-derm/chemical peel ;)), thanks to a lady I was dating at the time.  These paired with Botox offer amazing results… and at a fraction of the price of going under the knife.  While these examples offer a boost in moral, sometimes it takes a little bit more to get there… picking on celebrities many have performed plastic surgery to alter their appearance.  While their pocket books support their need, many of us desire the same.
Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong… surely we aren’t that vain… why is so much effort focused on turning back time? And what will it take to be content in ourselves?  As long as TV and periodicals rule the world there will always be a need in anti-aging improvements.  Surely we can accept our demise and move along, or could it be that in our judgmental outlook amongst ourselves we promote our own addiction?  Many questions to ponder as we wander through life ;)  I only hope to age as gracefully as I can… to enjoy a good beer when I want, and appreciate another slice of key lime pie!  Don’t we owe that to ourselves… to enjoy the simple things in life? I leave you with a quote:
“It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.” Author Unknown

All the best,

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