Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29th 2010 - The Mindset

Understanding that the mind is our most precious gift, are we using its full potential?  Lately, with my recent involvement in business and professional career at the Fire Department, persuasion for change was inevitable.  Before the determination to improve my life in ways of positive change, the realization had to take place... speaking for myself, the banners read "MONOTONOUS", "MUNDANE", and "ROUTINE".  Experiencing the trench of normal life is inescapable.  But failing to notice these life labels so to say is even worse.  So what does it take? How do we make strides towards a promising life and career?

Unfortunately, as most of us would admit to, the slap across the face comes when we idle too long.  Some examples include: Becoming overweight, acquiring a medical condition based on an unhealthy lifestyle, disappointment at work/relationship, a promotion, new business venture, the list could go on, but you get my drift.  The beautiful part in all of this is that we can make the decision to change!  Our past experiences do not have to define us.  Now you may be asking, "Mark, how can I change?, and what are some ways to encourage this?"  The easiest way to explain it, and I'll give some helpful examples is committing to amend the areas in your life where there is a lacking.

I have found strength in quality friends, people who understand your inner core and listen intently.  Music can offer ways of stress relief, and creating positive energy.  Stretching in the shower and eating a balanced diet will promote inner peace and a relaxed state of mind.  Fashioning ways in fitness can never be bad... morning walks, or yoga is always good.  I have embraced the idea of writing my thoughts in a journal.  Applying your struggles and everyday concerns brings life to the matter.  Writing once a day can help you feel focused, process negative emotions, and solve problems.  Dressing for success at your place of employment will also offer a new state of mind.  You will notice as well as your co-workers changes in your personality and your dealings in the everyday.  A little swag to your step and confidence booster! Who wouldn't want that? 

I hope this has helped, as writing my own feedback has sharpened my own thoughts!  I welcome your feedback and thank you for your time.


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