Monday, August 9, 2010


Time is something that we need to use wisely. No matter our season or frame of life, it is a non-renewable resource that we should consider with care. I have taken a discerning approach this past week to closely observe my behavior and weigh in the results of how I budget my time... to my dismay my time needed a healthy modification.
I’ll be the first to admit that I have taken and abused my fair share of time management tablets. Their tasteful representation is frequently misleading and often distracting. Today our world is continually attracting our attention: While a phone call is one thing - Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail persistently entice our thoughts. The more and more we are connected, a challenge begins to develop in effectively managing our time.
Many people spend their entire lives trying to be as balanced as possible. By focusing on our strengths in manageable goals throughout the day (1-3 tasks), we are allowing ourselves to be efficient and discover a refreshing perspective. I encourage you to take an inventory of your day and truly maximize its potential by making a conscious decision to better your life.
Here are some helpful ways to value your time to its highest potential:

-Reduce e-mail usage, check twice a day instead of every 35 seconds.  Quickly move to once a day, preferably the middle portion.
-Reawaken your passion: Focus on becoming the absolute best at your good abilities, and stop focusing on fixing your problems.
-Scheduling walks with your significant other/pet will invite your mind to dream and be creative.
-Keep it simple: Work hard and love your family

Remember, focus on the important

All the best,
Mark Nava

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  1. wow. this post is awesome. this is a lesson i definitely need to take to heart. thanks for the words of wisdom!! keep em coming!!

  2. so true cuz! People always ask how i do it. Well you just don't think about it and you just grind your way through the thing you value important and get ur done! enjoy your writing, keep it up