Saturday, June 5, 2010

Leigh Viner - The Artiste

Inspirations are powerful manifestations - they have the ability to change our lives and transform our blurred perspectives.  There is so much beauty in this statement, especially if we are open and willing.  The portrait above, designed by the lovely Leigh Viner sets the tone for today's inspirational brilliance.  Leigh's work exudes a feminine naturalness - depicted in expressive hues and free-flowing postures, her genius extends an artistic gap worthy of praise.  I feel extremely honored to share her one-of-a-kind pieces and am grateful to call Leigh my friend.

The interview:

What do you love about living in Denver? dislike?
LV: I was born and raised in Denver so it is a place I will always call home and have a love for where I came from. I also appreciate what Denver has to offer as far as getting away easily to the beautiful Rocky Mountains just minutes away from the city. As far as dislikes, I try to stay keen to the positives so I really do not have any except for I want to eventually move eastward bound. I have been here for so long and feel the need to see what else this world has to offer for me.
If Denver inspires these passions ( art-photography-makeup-fashion), please elaborate on this inspiration...
LV: As far as Denver inspiring ( art-photography-makeup-fashion) I think it is all about tapping into resources that fall along those lines anywhere you may reside. I also have been lucky enough to be surrounded by other creative individuals that also live here and have helped spark collaborative projects and individual ideas that I may have never thought about.
Growing up as a kid, what did you want to do and why?? ;) 
LV: I have been very blessed to always want to do something in the creative fields since I was young. Even more so as I find that others are still struggling to find their passions, so I am very appreciated to be able to experiment with my varied passions and let it grow and will continue to do so.
Your vision is clear... your eye for detail, paramount. How have you developed this, or was it always a natural inclination?
LV: Thank you Mark! I definitely feel that I have grown each year with my creations in all fields that I experiment with, but it being a passion for so long since I was young I feel that it is a natural inclination but fine tuned so to speak. I also feel that if I am comfortable where I am at I might as well through in the towel, I think it is important to continue to challenge and develop an already natural ability and see where else it may take me. 
Favorite hang out spot in Denver?
LV: A few places that I love and when I get the chance to get out with being a Mom and all :) is for brunch on the weekend Crepe n Crepe downtown, also have been going to Steak 10 for years with my best friend, more of a quiet atmosphere to catch up without having to worry about yelling. Then once in awhile I love to just walk around Cherry Creek or Downtown and find new discoveries, but for the most part I am just hanging at my friends homes or inviting them over for cooked dinners and a few glasses of wine.
What movie captures your style?
A good tough question, but I am going to just throw out a mix of anything from Alfred Hitchcock, some David Lynch and Jean-Luc Godard I suppose.. 
What stimulates your style? 
LV: What stimulates me the most is just as above, grabbing the feel of a good movie, thumbing through my (many) fashion magazines and listening to music. I really try to captivate moments that I am feeling a certain something, if I see something and it sparks that inspiration I write it down quickly or if I see an image that does the same thing, I will tear it out and mark ideas on what might work well. 
Favorite online shop and why?
LV: I do love the addicting site that is GILT. Each day bringing in high end designers that I normally am not able to splurge on at huge discounts. Also shopping online is a luxury that I prefer anyway much better than visiting an overcrowded mall.
9. Your artwork bleeds a feminine energy... your focus in blending both color and posture work very well. Where does this come from?
LV: I think over time it just sort of falls into place. I follow a path that feels right and end up with something that I feel works well. 
I never leave the house without?
LV: My camera, my bag full of everything I can fit and water. 
Your favorite quote? 
LV: I definitely love finding many of quotes and have so many great ones that I favor, but here is a recent one that I love by Miranda July, 
"Life is so ridiculously gorgeous, strange, heartbreaking, horrific, etc., that we are compelled to describe it to ourselves, but can't! We cannot do it! And so we make art."
Last book you read? Or one that left a lasting impression...
LV: I am currently reading Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard, also really loved Loving Frank by Nancy Horgan a great turnaround and digs into another side of architect Frank Lloyd Wright's life. I also felt a lasting impression from Eat, Pray, Love. I really enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert's journey to finding herself again and I felt that I could relate on many levels with the moments she experienced in her memoir. 
Your products and creativity infect all of us, what can you suggest to those following their dreams.

LV: My best advice is to learn from your mistakes and critics, face your fears, jump head first into your dreams and follow your heart. You will always have naysayers so to speak, but you are the only one that knows in your heart what is the best path for you. Most of all always stay true to yourself. 

Excellent words of advice, and an amazing attitude on life!  Be sure to check out Leigh's amazing blog

And visit her  Etsy Shop where you can find all of these exquisite creations and more!

All the best,

Mark Nava 


  1. Beautiful drawings. Interesting interview.


  2. These images are amazing!

  3. You definitely didn't have to tell me to take a look. When I first saw the post yesterday I quickly went to Viner's page. Couldn't do it yesterday because I was in a rush. I recognize the majority of the things on your blog are based in Denver. Keeping it in the family (well city so to speak) eh? Lol.

    But on another note! She does great watercolors, and that's something I'm trying to master. My favorite is the second to last and the one before that. I love them all really!

    Thanks for sharing Mark :)

  4. J'adore Leigh and her amazing talents! She is one of those to look out for because in the near future we will all say, "I knew her when....!"

  5. Leigh is wonderful! great interview, i really enjoyed, xx

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