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Today's subject matter has prevailed the centuries, it encompasses life as a whole and today finds its perpetual challenges.  I wanted to share my brief but encouraging perspective on relationships and how we can grow as people.  So much of our dealings as a human race stem from this imperative need to interact and flourish.  Each and every one of us has a story to tell, all bearing witness to wounds that have been inflicted by those we love.  Unfortunately the damage becomes our bane of existence and often cripples future relationships.  My goal today is to encourage and breathe new life on this sensitive topic.
Our exposure at a very young age is our first glimpse of the confrontations that lie ahead.  Positioned in the authority of our parents or lack there of, a pattern begins to develop, whether it's good or bad, it's in motion.  Sadly, the guidance we often receive is a continual arrangement of generational misfortunes.  We truly are creatures of habit - thankfully my up-bringing fashioned a model of positive occurrence.  A father showing loving respect, and a mother with a heart of gold.  An excellent foundation to gaze against growing up... please understand that I am not trying to harp on my fortunate childhood, but to point out the unity that is forged when partners see one another for who they are.
Even with favorable loved one's... my journey was still my own, no one could walk in my shoes but me.  I'm sure most of us have shared similar experiences in betrayal, favoritism, ugliness, and jealousy.  All conducive emotions in the realm of relationships - thankfully our knack for adaptation sails among us.  We have the ability to choose our company and the company we keep.  I have a difficult time conceding a person's argument/struggle based on a relationship(s) that is corrupted to begin with.  Now, is it in my nature to stop listening?, or even refrain from giving advice?  Absolutely not.  But the point I'm trying to make is this:  "Surround yourself with individuals who can speak life into you, build up, and respect the inner you."  This choice is yours.
As we continue through the relationship cycle our viewpoint broadens... expanding to more than just our family circle and close knit friends.  We acquire business relationships, and intimate ones.  A monumental step in development, and a crucial time in discovering our personal character.  So much of this step teeters on intentions - people are opportunists, without a doubt it's in our nature.  But at what point do we draw the line?  Harnessing self-control and looking bigger picture?  This is a tough one, and one that often leads to learning the hard way - infidelity and divorce pave the way in shattered dreams.  On the other side, the business environment requires traits of loyalty and ethical appeal.  Once again, this subject matter evaluates your investment... suggesting your involvement and the cost of losing the prize.
I have been apart of same amazing relationships - one's that I've loved, one's that I've scarred, and one's that have left a lasting impression.  2009 was a big year for me, I learned more in relationships than I've ever experienced before.  The most reassuring words I can express is this:  "Communicate regularly - our past does not have to define us, If you share in something special with someone, and this person makes you happy, treat her or him accordingly... revere the blessing.  Nurture it like you would your garden, or passions in your life."  It's bounty will overflow and continually bestow life's treasures upon you.  I hope this has helped in some form or fashion to inspire you to look at relationships differently, to make positive changes at a better life and a life of purpose.  I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite actresses:  "I approached everything, my job, my family, my romances, with intensity." Gene Tierney

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  1. :( Oh man, relationships are such a bummer. The part that I dread the most is getting to know someone, when you're not yet friends, and then quickly tiring of them. Blah.

    I've never been in a REAL relationship, at least I don't call them that seeing as I flitter around too much (I bore very easily) and I think I'm way too young to take it seriously. Not to mention there's drama with every conceivable relationship I see or get into, even the family ones! The mother/daughter thing is gonna drive me into an early grave.

    Either way, I really love the advice. I always communicate anyway, or try to at least. Sometimes it's hard, but I find it's the best way to obviously get others to understand your points of views and most of all, understand you!