Friday, May 21, 2010

Michael Cepress

Our recent trip to the Pacific Northwest was definitely noteworthy.  And seeing as though we are wishing to expand our borders to the west coast, Seattle lied in our midst.  During our visit we met some inspiring talent,  Dana Landon (Seattle's one and only street style blogger - and the young Michael Cepress.  A fashion designer by trade, but more importantly, Michael's vision bolsters a vision tailored specifically to menswear.  Jason and I were in heaven!

Our engagement was surreal...  Michael's showroom was neatly tucked around a corner bearing his scripted distinguished label - MC.  His clothing is character defining, timeless and expressive.  I believe every man should own a suit, in the convicting words of Gianni Agnelli "If you can afford a high-grade custom-made suit, buy one.  It will forever change the way you think about getting dressed in the morning.  The perfect contoured lines, increased comfort factor, and inarguable elegance are addictive."  This seamstress addresses Gianni's words of advice and more.  Everything Michael creates shares his amazing talent in ties, bow ties, dress shirts, shorts, breeches, suits and cuff links.  In person he is nothing short of classy and humble.  We were truly honored to share this wonderful experience - It is so much fun to connect with those in similar fields and brainstorm the wonderful world of fashion.
"Creating garments that people can truly live with... wash, wear, sweat on, love, and wash again... is an amazingly exciting proposition to me, and it's the one I plan to spend the rest of my life investigating."

Michael Cepress

All the best,

Mark Nava
VP, JNava

On our way to meet Michael we came across Cole the Newfoundland!  One of the sweetest dogs I have ever met.



  1. The quote couldn't have said it better. I think this not only applies to men, but to women too ! When we get a suit that smoothes over curves and hugs just right, we walk better, talk better, and feel much better compared to if it was something that was poorly constructed.

    Cepress seems very humble! I hope as he gets bigger it doesn't change his personality very much.

    And that dog looks big! Have you ever seen the movie Beethoven (the dog movie of course)? Cole looks just like a darker, longer-haired version of Beethoven.

  2. You nailed Kenita! The suit holds special meaning to men, its iconic staple has withheld the decades. It has the ability to evoke confidence and adds swagger to our step ;) Cepress is amazing in person - I hope to own one of his suits one day... maybe on our next trip out there I can be fitted for one.

    Cole was seriously one biggest dogs I have ever met. He was patiently waiting outside for his owner and was extremely friendly. And yes, just like Beethoven!!

    Have a great weekend young lady


  3. I wish you many good lucks on the suit fitting. I would do an awkward comparison and say that just as much as a woman needs a Little Black Dress (LBD), the man needs his suit.

    And thanks Mark,
    Have a great week!