Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11th, 2010 - Seattle

This week we find ourselves in Seattle Washington - a state and community known for its robust living and delectable brew!  Expanding our vision in fashion is exciting.  I can't express these feelings enough - we are actually living and breathing our passion, with no expectations and an open heart.  It's refreshing on so many levels and a reminder to embrace our ambitions with intensity.
Yesterday was a day of familiarization.  Touring the shores of Puget Sound and sipping on a hot cup of Starbucks coffee.
The public market is a thriving environment... its sights and sounds blend an unforgettable experience.
Visitors paced up and down its vibrant runway... all in search for a piece of the Pacific Northwest to take home with them.
As we ventured into the heart of the town, Nordstrom and other world-renown retailers lined the streets.  H&M, Gucci, and Barney's to say the least!  A wonderful first day.  Our adventure continues... today was a spectacular day in networking and meeting fresh faces.  Tomorrows blog features Seattle street-style, check it out.

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