Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010 - The transition

Continuing where I left off on Monday, our commitment in design and passion for JNava is opening doors of future business.  Our network and relationship association is beginning to blossom.  Enjoying every moment, it’s difficult to maintain a humble frame of mind… so much of our vision is fortified in relationships and focusing on “the little things.”  The other night my brother and I were in the kitchen reflecting on our progress and more importantly, the support we’ve received from all of our fans.  It was definitely a moment of transition and a taste of ambition… this no longer remains a routine distraction, but our life!
Our transition has amplified leadership characteristics… all of a sudden we’re sitting in the Director’s chair calling the shots.  With our fashion show swiftly approaching, our ties to fashion have promoted new members:  Photographers, Designers, Account Executives, & Marketing Director’s… suddenly were no longer playing T-Ball.  Our appetite for Big League chew just went from weekend game play to career path conditioning.  Our playing field solicits new rules, requiring class and a professional attitude.  I couldn’t agree more with my brother when he stated: “JNava has brought out the best in you and me. You are different Mark, you’re passionate and goal oriented.”   
It’s true; this company has delivered a new outlook on life.  Every opportunity presents practice in leadership and effectively communicating.  Sharing this transition with my brother reaffirms our purpose… it adds a distinct sparkle and strength to our lives.  Our opponent is tough, the field is groomed, and the uniform is on… though our heat is being brought from the bull pen, soon enough the opportunity may come to dispatch our passion in new directions.  Our patience remains, excited and grateful for our current position.  I can’t help this passionate deliverance… I want all of you to succeed and find meaning in your lives.  What are you waiting for?  There are no excuses, the decision is yours.
“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” ~ Winston Churchill 
All the best,

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